Cosmic Contact

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Strapped on my tin foil hat tight for this one, an alien contact device laden with language from a galaxy far, far away! Crop circles, Euclidean light languages, and the fractal nature of our universe make up the basis for inspiration on this one and stoked on how it came out. Also managed to work in some gold leafing for the first time on the ufos, a challenge I was able to overcome thanks to the aliens

20”x 14.5”x 6.5” Acrylic on Wood

Hand painted jewelry box, activated with acrylics to create a one of a kind piece of interactive art to instill reverie into your everyday. Infusing ancient patterns with fractal mysticism, these boxes seek to be a part of your everyday life and act as a reminder to appreciate the little things in life. No moment of our lives are mundane if we learn to appreciate them, theres magic all around us. 

Created on up-cycled wooden jewelry box salvaged from vintage and thrift stores. All jewelry boxes are meticulously restored before painting and sealed afterwards to ensure longevity.

Custom Jewelry boxes available upon request (insert contact link)