About Gavinger


My journey as an artist has taken me through many mediums and forms of expression throughout my life. What started as a childhood full of crayons and coloring in fuzzy posters transformed into a life of creation. I began my real strive towards expressing myself in my early double digits as I tooled with the typical forms of creation seeking to find my way to create something truly beautiful.

Growing up in Cincinnati, OH I began to narrow my focus of artistic endeavors in secondary school as I search for my niche. I began to hone in on a variety of things from photography to ceramics to costume design through these years until I ultimately came to the road of higher education. I spent my first years at university studying Industrial Design learning the foundations of drawing and clearly communicating concepts visually. While I enjoyed the rigorous program, my life was flipped on its head when I began to explore psychedelic concepts and a more abstract view on the world of art. 

While I had been trained to draw very physical, tangible, and “correct” ideas, I found my mind wandering away from repetitive drawings of consumer products towards a loftier plain of thought. In 2014, I began to paint in the budding music and art scene of Cincinnati, OH. I quickly fell into live painting at these events and channeling the wild energy of the music, lights, and people that made these places so colorful.

My painting journey began with a brand called Gonzo Gear which featured painted leather jackets, vest, and other accessories after people began to comment on my personal painted Gear. As the ideas expanded, the canvas needed to follow suite. I began to stretch my own leather canvasses and embarked on the journey of creation. From here, I began to work amongst the inspiring community of live artists at festivals around the country and expanded my artistic knowledge with the power of contemporary painters across the country.

Since this journey, I have had the pleasure of traveling to 48 states to create my art and hone my practice alongside hundreds of musical and artistic acts. I have had the pleasure to tour with bands like Papadosio and Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, study under contemporary visionaries like Alex Grey and Chris Dyer, and present solo shows in cities from Denver to Chicago.

In 2020, when we were forced to sit still for a moment, I shifted my attention to a dedicated home studio practice and had my perception of what art is flipped upside down once more. As I tinkered away on the arts at home, I started to think about how the objects that filled my home had room to become beautiful one of a kind works of art in addition to the artwork adorning the walls. What started with an old wooden radio turned into a year of prolific furniture painting creating over 100 pieces of hand painted furniture custom ordered from around the globe!

Currently, I reside in the thriving creative community of Asheville, NC amongst the mountains and waterfalls between my travels. My idea of “art” has expanded to infinite portions and I persevere to continue to push the bounds of creation to infinite limits and beyond!