Conquering Carbon Framed Original Art on Canvas

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Original 3'x3' framed painting "Conquering Carbon" 

This painting was started at the Alex and Allyson Grey's Chapel of Sacred Mirrors in NY as a meditation on the new Tool album, Fear Inoculum. The journey continued from there to Resonance festival, one of my all time favorite festivals and then finished in my home base at Asheville Music Hall. Ultimately, this painting came to symbolize and embody a powerful psychedelic experience of mine meeting the gatekeeper of another realm, but I'd like to leave the interpretation up to the viewer. Take what you will, I offer this poem as a peak into what I sought to portray...

I did not seek to conquer carbon
Only to stare at infinity in wonder
Peek a gaze at what lies beyond,
Crashing around in bouts of thunder

Seeing all that there was to see.
Ogling it all and grasping the lever.
The answers were laid out before me.
Eternity. Formless. All at once and forever.

Delights of flesh flashing red to be seen
Fleshy pleasures warm this receptacle.
And a glow trailing a sheen of green
Spinning among the greatest spectacle

Glimpsing all that had been shown
Gaze locked on the eye of the storm
But this vessel was not my own
Reaching towards a finished form

One among the cycle of the infinite.
A cog within the billowing machine.
This does not negate but enriches it.
Destruction in birth, hunting for our queen.

Becoming formless requires taking form and shapes were still shifting. With one word, i spoke the answer that was already known.

The energy which fed the cycle was not eager to begin anew, it had only just begun