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Summon the seance of slithering serpents
Seeking short sought succulence
Seldom spoil the sparkling sheen
In sensing sin in sights unseen
Sharing secrets in the symbiosis
Of seasonal cycles in self hypnosis
Ignorance is bliss if that's what you wish
The nectar of knowledge fileted in a dish
Blessed, yet cursed then dispersed
Quenching this thirst for better or worst
Fallen angels may find their wings
Reaching through the thorny Stings
A burden of glory, told of old
Mysterious shadows laden with gold
In a crown of thorns weaving like wire
Surrounded and one with the breath of fire
A humming voice among the choir
Lest we fear that which we desire
Have we got gotten what we've deserved?
You are hungry, so eat. Dinner is served.
This painting is based on 3 strong female mythological characters: Eve of the Garden of Eden (Christian mythos), Persephone (Queen of the Underworld from Greek mythos), and Artemis (Huntress goddess also from Greek mythos). These stories weave together to tell a new story about our relationship with the fruits of knowledge available in our perfectly flaw, dualistically balanced world. I hope the poem and the connection of symbols in this painting can give you insight into the nature of expansion of the human mind in symbiosis with the light and dark of the world around us.

Tempting Eveolution 17x24 MATTE PAPER PRINTS

Matte paper prints are created using a durable 300g heavyweight photo paper. This print is an open-edition, superior quality ready to frame.