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Capricornucopia is the Capricorn Piece of the Gonzodiac series painted in collaboration with John C Kirk. This painting portrays the classic Capricorn mergoat in light of the signs connection to the earth. This celestial being seeks to draw connections between our rearth and solar system, specifically drawing connections to the ruling planets of Capricorn, Jupiter and Saturn.

GonZodiac is a series of collaborative painting by Gavin Gerundo seeking to reimagine the Zodiac signs. Whether or not these astrological assignments have any affect on our fates, each zodiac sign was created in light of belief regarding astrology since as far back as 2nd millennium BCE. Astrology seeks to answer the questions about the role the cosmos play in our lives based on celestial cycles as signs of communication with the divine.

There are 12 paintings in the series, 9 of which were painted in collaboration with other artist of varied styles. The astrological horoscopes are expressed through creative, collaborative experience through input from active artists of each sign.


Matte paper prints are created using a durable 300g heavyweight photo paper. This print is an open-edition, superior quality ready to frame.