Duality of Balance

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Stepping out of the box with the color choice on the newest Psycherelic! As many of these jewelry boxes as I’ve painted, I strive for total uniqueness of each box to keep things interesting. The binary busting blues and pinks are really singing strong and giving me gender reveal realness! 🌈

Acrylic on Wood


Hand painted jewelry box, activated with acrylics to create a one of a kind piece of interactive art to instill reverie into your everyday. Infusing ancient patterns with fractal mysticism, these boxes seek to be a part of your everyday life and act as a reminder to appreciate the little things in life. No moment of our lives are mundane if we learn to appreciate them, theres magic all around us. 

Created on up-cycled wooden jewelry box salvaged from vintage and thrift stores. All jewelry boxes are meticulously restored before painting and sealed afterwards to ensure longevity.

Custom Jewelry boxes available upon request