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60"x72" Sublimation Printed Tapestries made in collaboration with Clairvoyance Alliance (LE 25)

The last pulse of beating rain struck the earth and the waters began to smooth. The great storm satisfied the planet’s appetite and now was the time to regrow. As the sun and moon exchanged a glance in passing, the sun turned its eye on a glass half full. A planet swept under by the waves, once a site of great destruction became a source of abundant regrow the for things to come. The tempest had drawn something out of this planet that wasn’t there before. That day, with the temples and towers toppled, the eye of the sun glimmered off the light of the now calm waters and beckoned the thirsty. Drink. Grow. Rebuild.

Winter Weather 3/4
Original Painting 30”x36” Acrylic on Canvas